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About Us

Creatively Curious started in 2014 formally after Sami discovered her passion in photography and capturing authentic moments. Over the years she has developed a style and knows who she is as an artist. The mission and vision was always clear, help keep quality images fiscally accessible and put people first. Over the years that has continued, and the goal is to meet people where they are and work with them and capture the moments that make humanity beautiful. As Brendon grew, he started taking an interest being behind the lens. He is a natural, and is starting to train and have the opportunities with clients. He is still discovering his style, but Creatively Curious has become a legacy in our family, and we'd be honored for it to be one in yours.

--Creatively Curious


Our Story

As a mom I have always been trying to find a camera that could keep up with my kiddo. This image was the one I knew I had to invest in a quality camera in.  My inspiration started in the wonder and curiosity my son had for the world, and the adventure and play. This expanded into moments of joy, love, hope, inspiration, and more. My style is very candid, authentic, vivid, and living life in full color. I find beauty in the simple moments and the extravagant ones. Brendon is still learning his style, and as he moves behind the camera he has started to see the world through a different lens too. 

--Sami Roby


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