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What to Expect

Why choose Creatively Curious? Because we put people first. I love what I do, but I am good at what I do capturing joy, magic, wonder, authenticity, and beautiful genuine image because of the rapport I build with clients. I strive for the highest level of quality that captures where you are in your era of life. 

Session Details

Sessions should be an adventure, they are to be fun and playful and capture the authentic human that is being photographed. This occurs by taking the time to make sure everyone is comfortable and we are getting those biggest, authentic smiles. 

We do not say "cheese" during sessions - it actually makes the smiles look fake! Sometimes we will say monkey, but first we will act like a monkey and get a good laugh which is where the real smile comes in. 

Sessions are located outdoors from a variety of scenic backdrops in our beautiful state! If you need an indoor session, I have a mobile studio and several shared studio space options to meet the needs of your family. Travel is included within approximately a 20 mile radius of the South East edge of Fort Collins (80528). Outside of that radius there are discount mileage options within 40 miles; or if the distance is further travel and lodging can be discussed. Sessions are held per weather, and for the most part rain or shine (safety comes first!) and there are discussions as needed per crazy Colorado weather! 

The session shouldn't feel forced or rushed, it's about slowing down and taking a moment with your kids - which is why I run on kid time (while considering where the light is), to ensure you, as the  the client, are comfortable. Some clients, this happens easily and naturally, some clients need a joke or two to feel more relaxed. Some clients just need a little bit of time and to turn into their family for those genuine smiles to come out. I utilize natural posing of families and how they interact, but we do get the holiday card poses too!

What to Wear

If you are completely stuck, let me know and I will do my best to help you problem solve!

There is a line between "what you are most comfortable in" and "what will make for the best investment." Wearing the same color is not recommended. The colors should complement and have layers for dimension. I steer clear of white and black, and encourage navy or cream instead. All white shirts are awesome if you are playing in the mud and the GOAL is to ruin the shirt on your adventure (or have a tie-dye fight and create something new). Think of what will photograph well and won't detract from you or your family. Busy and bold patterns, anything with a 3D effect (including plaid and florals) are advised against especially if small. Some large print works well, but if you would like to utilize plaid - buffalo is the best bet! 

My Style

I tend to gravitate towards lifestyle and candid, casual, documentary type photography. This means capturing your every day moments like normal! Again , this should be fun and feel like a relatively normal time for your family, even if it is a huge event! The key is how do you normally interact and we are just hanging out, making a memory, having some pictures in the background. Family portraits and the thought of can be SO stressful, so I strive to take the pressure off because it creates better images and a fun memory of when they were taken! Just because I have a mobile studio doesn't mean it has to feel like a studio! 

Let’s Work Together

Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Tel: 970-381-0691

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